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Viola Notes Sight Read Tutor

2.92 usd

Important : This app is made for Viola (bigger than Violin and tuned differently). (For an app made for Violin, see "Violin Notes Sight Read")With this Viola Notes Sight Read Tutor, you will learn where to play a staff note on the viola fingerboard (Ut clef) !
Make progress even when you are away from your instrument !
- Notes you know less will be asked more often for you to be able to enhance your sight reading speed- Realistic sounds sampled from a real viola- Choice of notes to play : Choice of positions among 13 possible ones (from open string to 7th position), flat On/Off, sharp On/Off- Display of good and failed notes- Help : Possible display of the name of the note to play- Choice of language among 7 notation systems for the displayed name of the note to play : Latin Si, English B, German H, Byzantine Zo, Japanese Ro, Indian (Hindusthani) Ni, Indian (Carnatic) Kakali Ni- Help : Possible display of notes placements on the viola fingerboard (the name of the note to play is then displayed with the same color as the note placement)- Help : Possible display of an helping staff with every notes of the viola fingerboard- Language for the displayed notes placements names on the viola fingerboard and helping staff : Latin, English, German (other languages displays notes placements and helping staff in english)- Sound On/Off- Freeplay mode
Full paid version : settings saved memorize your score and progression stats of the day (for when you stop and continue later in the day) no ads full screen no limitations all 13 positions available + a BIG thanks for your support :o)
Have fun at play !
Musically yours,